Where to go for a drink in Lima? ➤ 7 best bars

If you are here it is because this is probably your first time in Lima. Sure you want to go out to get some drinks with your travel companions, relax and have a great night. But you have no idea where to start? Probably because you feel overwhelmed with the amount of options and publicity with which you are chased from the airport.

For those reasons, I want to show you the seven bars to go for a drink that in my opinion you cannot miss during your visit to Lima.

1. Ayahuasca Restobar

This must be one of the biggest bars in the city. It is set in a huge 19th century mansion. But at the same time it has a youthful atmosphere with numerous environments with andean and amazon decoration, it also has an outdoor patio. It has countless drinks and snacks. My favorites here are the exotic plant macerates.

Price: $$$

Address: Av San Martin 130, Barranco

2. BarBarian

If you want to try 100% Peruvian craft beers, you must visit the Barbarian bar. They are producers of their own beers of different styles. I love the body and texture of their IPA network. About its atmosphere, it is quite youthful, modern and relaxed.

Price: $$

Address: Calle Manuel Bonilla 108, Miraflores

3. Antigua Taberna Queirolo

El Queirolo (1919) is an old bohemian and rustic bar more than 100 years old. A space where friends meet after the office any day of the week to share a good conversation in an informal and traditional atmosphere. If you want to have an experiential experience away from pompous tourist places, then I recommend this place.

Price: $$

Address: Av San Martin 1090, Pueblo Libre

4. La Tostadora – Café y Arte Libre

La Tostadora is without a doubt one of my favorite bars in the city. It is located in the tourist district of Barranco. It has a welcoming and cultural atmosphere. Ideal for drinking a wine with your partner or friends. Also, sometimes you can find live music and different cultural events. I recommend their lemon and passion fruit chilcanos (pisco drink).

Price: $$

Address: Jr. Domeyer 132, Barranco.

5. La Cachina Bar

If you like youthful, relaxed environments, with a variety of drinks but with personality. You will probably have a great time at La Cachina bar. It is located in the heart of the modern district of Miraflores.

Price: $$

Address: Calle Manuel Bonilla 116, Miraflores

6. Bar Inglés

An intimate and sophisticated bar. It has been evoked many times in Peruvian literature. A warm place, with low lights with a timeless essence. It is located in San Isidro, the richest district in the city of Lima. I love to treat myself here to have a whiskey on the rocks sometimes. Needless to mention, the service is excellent.

Price: $$$

Address: Av. Los Eucaliptos 590, San Isidro

7. Gran Hotel Bolivar Restaurant

Hotel Bolivar bar is one of the oldest and most famous in the Peruvian capital (1924). Its decoration in the style of the 20s and its colonial architecture will make you feel like you are traveling to the past. The service of the servers is first class. I recommend trying the classic Peruvian cocktails like chilcano, capitan and pisco sour.

A curious fact is that many celebrities have been here, from Julio Iglesias to Walt Disney.

Price: $$$

Address: Av. Nicolás de Piérola 865, Lima

I hope this guide has helped you to choose where to go out for a drink in Lima. If you knew any of these places or know any other bar, cafe or restaurant where you think visitors will be able to find delicious drinks, cocktails and good service in the city of Lima, then please write a comment.

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