Starbucks in Perú Vs Traditional Cafeteria ► Wich one to choose?

There is no doubt that Starbucks is the largest coffee shop chain in the world. For this reason it is the first choice of many travelers who come to Peru and want to have a cup of coffee in a comfortable and cozy place.

Even though Starbucks is a guarantee of quality and service, why not discover other local cafe option? There is a large number of places with a lot of personality that would surprise any traveler in Peruvian lands.

For this reason I have prepared a comparative table of essential factors between Starbucks coffee Peru and a local cafeteria that I recently discovered called La Tostadora – Café y Arte Libre.

5 differences between Starbucks Perú VS La Tostadora Café

StarbucksLa Tostadora
CoffeeCoffee blends from different parts of the world (Ethiopia, Colombia, Brazil, Perú)100% arabica coffee from Oxapampa Perú
AtmosphereRelaxed atmosphere with a well-worked interior design, somewhat sophisticated, comfortable, welcoming with a standard style in all its stores.Cozy art-oriented atmosphere. Chill out music originally produced by the venue. Rustic, cozy and comfortable design. Alternative place that feels homey and with personality
LocationYou can find multiple starbucks stores in the main cities of the countryLocated in the heart of the traditional and tourist district of Barranco, Lima, Peru
ServiceGood service, fast and practicalWarm attention and personalized service
PriceStandard Cappuccino $ 3Standard Cappuccino $ 2.5
Starbucucks main addressesLa Tostadora Café address
Av. Alfredo Benavides 1770, MirafloresJr, Jirón Domeyer 132, Barranco
One block froma the Main Park of Barranco
Av. José Larco 632, Miraflores
Paso 28 de Julio, Miraflores
Av. José Pardo 297, Miraflores
Av. Pedro de Osma 102, Barranco

I must clarify that both places do not offer exactly the same products. Starbucks is essentially a cafeteria where, in addition to coffee, complementary products such as desserts and other shakes are offered. On the other hand, La Tostadora is a coffee bar with cocktails and drinks, it also seeks to provide a cultural experience to its customers.

Tell me, what kind of traveler are you? Do you prefer to go to large franchises of restaurants and cafes or do you prefer to immerse yourself in the city and discover local businesses?

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