Coffee Shops in Barranco: The 7 Best to Enjoy

If you’re a coffee lover planning to visit the picturesque district of Barranco, you’re in luck. This charming neighborhood is home to a variety of cafes that not only offer you a delicious cup of coffee but also immerse you in diverse atmospheres full of personality and charm.

Below, we present a list of the 5 trendiest cafes in the Barranco district. From the tranquility of Caleta Dolsa to the creative fusion of Coleccionista Coffee, these cafes will delight you with their unique flavors and ambiance. Join me on this tour of the coffee gems in Barranco!

La Tostadora Café

Restaurante con terraza
Terraza de La Tostadora

This cafe-bar proposes an alternative and cultural concept. It’s an ideal place for peruvian coffee, art, and culture lovers. Here, you can enjoy a delicious cup of coffee or a glass of wine while reading a book or listening to their excellent music selection.

La Tostadora is a space that invites conversation and spending a relaxed time with good company. The venue is open almost all day, offering breakfasts in the morning, lunches in the afternoon, and a variety of snacks and artisanal pizzas in the evenings. They also have coffee-based desserts like their famous tiramisu and their unparalleled affogato.

Another strong point of this cozy space is its location on Domeyer Street in Barranco, where it has a beautiful terrace. Just a block away from the famous Bridge of Sighs.

Address: Jirón Domeyer 132, Barranco

Caleta Dolsa

Caleta Dolsa Café
Caleta dolsa cafeteria

This café is like a small oasis where coffee is prepared with love and attention to detail. They have a wide variety of infusion methods and use high-quality local organic beans. But that’s not all; they also offer delicious fruit drinks and snacks to accompany your coffee experience.

Best of all, the coffee is roasted on-site twice a week. That means you’ll always have fresh and flavorful coffee. Excellent atmosphere and very friendly service.

Address: Av. San Martín 223, Barranco

Coleccionista Coffee

Coleccionista Coffee Barranco

Just as its name suggests, Coleccionista is a space that blends the concept of specialty coffee with an art gallery. This Barranco café offers a wide range of coffee from different parts of Peru. They also sell coffee in artistic packaging for you to prepare at home.

The ambiance creates a feeling of being in a contemporary art gallery. You can appreciate paintings by local artists while enjoying a delicious cup of coffee or one of their desserts or snacks. Their sweet macarons and chocolate cake are a must-try.

Address: Av. San Martín 144

Casa Lola

Casa Lola Café
Cafeteria Casa Lola Barranco

A perfect place for relaxed conversations after a stroll. Their menu is compact but well-crafted. If you’re conscious about your diet, you’ll love their distinctive healthy desserts.

On the other hand, they have different coffee presentations, from their famous blue latte with spirulina to chai lattes, perfect to pair with their butifarra sandwiches or caprese chapla.

It’s worth noting that the staff is very friendly and will always serve you with the best disposition.

Address: Jirón Domeyer 219

Camerino Caffe

Camerino Caffe
Cafeteria Camerino café

A café that captures the magical essence of historic dressing rooms in cinema and theater. With warm lights and comfortable furniture, it creates an ideal atmosphere to relax with your partner or friends.

Additionally, it has a creative and varied menu with dishes named after artists. You’ll find a bit of everything, salads, desserts, ice creams, and of course, coffee. Good value for money.

Address: Av. Almte. Miguel Grau 701

Felicia & Domingo

Felicita & Domingo Barranco
cafetería Felicita y Domingo

If you love gardens, this is your ideal option. In this beautiful cafe, you can enjoy a delicious breakfast or brunch while admiring the flowers and trees that decorate its main patio.

From their peanut butter toast with jam to their desserts, they are excellent additional reasons to visit this fancy little cafe in the heart of Barranco.

Address: Av. Pedro de Osma 135

La Bodega Verde

la bodega verde

La Bodega Verde is a charming and emblematic place in Barranco. Surrounded by nature and ideal for disconnecting from the city’s hustle and bustle. Their menu offers a variety of healthy and organic options. In addition to good coffee, this establishment is famous for its wide variety of natural infusions. As for desserts, many people recommend trying the lucuma pyramid and the apple crunch.

Moreover, it’s a pet-friendly café. The staff is very friendly, and the location is excellent, facing Federico Villareal Park in the center of Barranco.

Address: Jiron Mariscal Jose Antonio de Sucre 335A, Barranco

We hope you enjoyed this selection of the best cafes in Barranco. Did you know any of these Barranco cafes? What other cafe in Barranco do you think should be included in the list? Feel free to leave us your comments!”

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