How much is a beer in Lima?

Every day I receive tourists in Peru from all over the world. A recurring question that travelers ask me once they arrive in Lima is the following. How much is a beer in Lima? It is a reasonable question because the price of a beer gives you an overview of what the cost of living is in this city. In addition, many of them will only spend one night in the peruvian capital before traveling to Cusco or another city, therefore they want to calculate how much they would spend to go out to some place for a few beers and relax after a long trip.

Have you tried peruvian beers?

To begin with, it is necessary to make it clear that the price of a beer will depend on some factors. One of them is the neighborhood where you buy it. Another factor is the establishment where you get it, as well as the presentation of the beer and the brand.

But to simplify things I will show a summary of the estimated prices of beers according to the most touristic neighborhoods, the most common presentations of this beverage, and also according to the most popular brands.

For practical purposes, I have chosen the Miraflores neighborhood, which is the one that concentrates the highest percentage of tourists and, at the same time, is usually the most expensive. And also the traditional neighborhoods of Barranco and the Center of Lima, which are among the most touristy and popular in the city.

Price range of a beer in the Miraflores neighborhood

Personal beer (330 ml): S/ 12 – S/14 ($ 3 – $ 3.5)

Chopp: S/ 12 – S/ 15 soles ($ 3 – $ 3.84)

Pint of Craft Beer: 18 – 25 soles ($ 4.61 – $ 6.41)

Beer Jar: 20 – 30 soles ($ 5.12 – $ 7.69)

Price range of a beer in bars in the neighborhoods of Barranco and downtown Lima

Personal beer (330 ml): S/ 10 – S/ 12 ($ 2.5 – $ 3)

Chopp: 7.5 – 12 ($ 2 – $ 3)

Pint of Craft Beer: 15 – 25 ($ 3 – $ 6.41)

Beer Jar: 20 – 25 ($ 5.12 – $ 6.41)

Price range of a beer in bars in the Supermarket

Personal beer (330 ml): S/ 3.5 – S/ 4.5 ($ 0.9 – $ 1.15)

Beer Bottle (650m): S/ 6.5 ($ 1.7)

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